MISSHA M Absolute Black Mascara

Get striking, dramatic and absolutely black eye-lashes that demand attention with Missha’s M Absolute Black Mascaras. These mascaras are water-resistant and smudge-proof, and last all day long. Their brushes have special bristles that cover every lash with every swipe. They are enriched with black pearl powders to give lashes extra luster and shine, and also contain Panthenol for lash nutrition and health, and Phyto Collagen to moisturize and protect.
Super Volume - the perfect solution for women with scarce, thin lashes that need more definition. Dare to be a new you, and look absolutely stunning!
Ultra Long Lash - designed for women with short eye-lashes. This wonderful product gives the lashes a much-needed lengthening effect.
Highperm Curling - is ideal for droopy, straight lashes that need a lift. It dramatically curls each lash without an eye-lasher curler, and opens up the eyes.

Direction :
1. Apply all desired eye make up to the eye before applying mascara.
2. Remove the applicator from the mascara tube.
3. Apply the mascara to the upper lashes, brushing slowly from the root to the tip of the lashes and repeat this procedure on the lower lashes.
4. Allow the mascara to dry before possibly applying another coat. Waterproof mascara will stay on longer than normal mascara and there is less chance of staining when it rains or the weather is humid. It can be tricky to remove waterproof mascara (as it stays on so well) so if you decide to use the product make sure to buy a good eye make up remover.

SIZE : 11g


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