MISSHA M Mineral Powder Foundation SPF30 PA++

Containing MINERAL & Velvet Powder, this POWDER TYPE FOUNDATION has POWERFUL WEARING & COVERING effects which makes your skin look BRIGHT & RADIANT all throughout the day. Containing platy shape Mineral Powder, BN Powder and Velvet Powder, it makes your skin look bright and radiant with its powerful wearing & covering effects. Containing Collagen, Scualen and Caviar, it makes your skin moisturized and comfortable all day long. Soft wool brush is easy to use and mini puff helps create perfect base makeup.
No. 21 Light Beige
No.23 Chic Beige

Direction : Upon first use, peel off the protective sticker inside the container
STEP1 : Tip the bottle upside down once to shake the powder out.
STEP2 : Tap the base flat on your palm to ensure that not too much powder settles on the lid.
STEP3 : To pick up the right amount of powder, swirl the brush in light, circular motions.
STEP4 : Remove excess powder by tapping itback into the container. This prevents the cakey
effect that comes with too much powder on the brush.
STEP5 : Lightly dot the 4 points of your face with the brush.
STEP6 : Spread the powder evenly in circular motions.
To clean brush, wash once a month with a mild shampoo. Allow to air-dry.

SIZE : 9g


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