MISSHA M Shimmering Oven Blusher

No. 11 Shimmer Shiner Highlighter
No. 12 Shimmer Blossom Coral Pink
No. 13 Shimmer Shade Peach Brown

Like the rest of the M range, the M Shimmering Oven Blusher is enriched with precious minerals that give the skin extra nutrition and a special glow. The highly attractive packaging with its signature crystal stud at the top is an extension of the M range. The Oven Blusher comes in two great multi faceted shades that give the complexion extra depth and colour. Choose from Peach Brown and Coral Pink. This baked type shimmering blusher gives an instant glow to the skin on application. Giving the face a healthy flush of color, while defining and accentuating facial bone structure.

Direction :
HIGHLIGHT EFFECT - Dust lightly over cheekbones, foreheadand nose with brush. For the most flattering look, focus on applying shimmer on the face where need to be accentuated.
BODY SHIMMERING EFFECT - After using this product, apply leftover to collarbone, arms and legs for a shimmering effect, Apply on the body with brush

SIZE : 12g


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