MISSHA M Shimmering Essence Lipstick




Crystal pearl 3D lipstick. This glossy lipstick contains lip essence, which give superior moisturizing effect, and prevents from drying and keeps elasticity of lips. Contains pearl, this lipstick shines when applied and its 3D effect gives your lips glamorously volumized look. This lipstick has the best of both lipstick and lipgloss by providing clear color as well as dewy look on your lips. This high moisturizing lipstick containing lip essence keeps the lips moist and supple. Containing crystal pearl, it makes glittering and lissome lips and boosts lip volume. The lipstick is Gloss Stick concept of representing myriad colors of lipstick and the moisturizing benefit of lipgloss. It is presented with natural and delicate colors with gloss finish.

Direction : Apply on the lips to provide a glossy, moist and glittering effect. When applied using a lip brush, it gives a neat and rich colors definition and elegant finis

SIZE : 3.8g


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