MISSHA The Style Glam Look Gloss

Applied softly without irritation, using wide and convenient tip. Keeps soft and firm lips with Vitamin E and botanical oil. Containing emollient, it makes dry skin moist and shiny. Give your lips a jewel-like brilliance with The Style Glam Look Gloss. The gloss contains special glass polymers for extra brilliance in shine, and is enriched with 5 different fruit extracts to keep lips soft and hydrated all day long. Moisture lip gloss without stickiness and Moisturizing and shining lip gloss with ultra glass polymer.

Directions :
1.Using a mirror, apply a generous amount of lipgloss onto the tip of the wand of the tube. If you don't have that type of gloss, for example, in a lip gloss pot, use a special thin brush, if you have one.
2.Lightly push out your lips and apply generously.
3.Make sure you do not apply outside your lipline.
4.Put your finger inside your mouth and pull it outward after applying. This will ensure no pink goo gets on your teeth.

SIZE : 4ml


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